Afpa, along with its European partners, launches a training course dedicated to professionals

A first training in France: working with professionals in order to find collective solutions to reduce waste and wastage

Created by Afpa with professionals, in order to fight against food waste, this specific module has been integrated into all the professional qualifications of the sector (Catering manager, Head Chef in collective catering, Cook, Canteen assistant, Waiter). This training is made up of three stages; the first stage is to make people aware and to define what is at stake, the second is devoted to putting the ideas into practice during a workshop based around culinary creations and the third is dedicated to the construction of an action plan for this purpose.

The action is broken own into three stages: defining what is at stake and setting objectives in collaboration with other countries, designing the training course and training the trainers; integrating this into teaching scenarios and training trainees in the sector.
In the course of three years Afpa aims to train nearly 100 trainers, 4000 trainees and to heighten awareness among 300 companies and leaders in the catering sector.
In addition, Afpa is working with catering professionals to identify and share good “anti-waste” practices. A two-day module is offered to professionals to enable them to acquire techniques to fight against food waste.
“Through this project, Afpa offers its European network and training engineering expertise to professionals in order to mutualize and develop practices. Such a lot is at stake in the fight against food waste that training is one of the keys to changing how people think and accompanying an eco-responsible approach», declares Christophe Sadok, director of engineering, training and quality.
Have a look at the video of the LIFE FOSTER project by AFPA