28 junio 2022
The Food 4 Future Summit (17th to 19th of May 2022, Bilbao) has been the perfect stage for disseminating the LIFE FOSTER project!! The Spanish Confederation of Educational and Training Centers (...
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18 mayo 2022
As part of the ZERO WASTE RECIPES Challenge 2022 promoted by the European LIFE FOSTER project, 10 young cooking students from Italy, France and Malta will compete on 24 and 25 May at UNISG in Polle...
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1 marzo 2022
What Can We Learn from Customer Plate Waste
Whether it's a matter of too-large portions, too small appetites or cultural norms, people leave their food on their plates more often than what is acceptable. Research done in Australia shows that...
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15 febrero 2022
Major challenges of the world food system
If we pinpoint the crux purpose of the world food system, what kind of world would we see? Undoubtedly, a world where each and every corner of it is adequately supplied, and hunger, as we know it, ...
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1 febrero 2022
Rethink, reduce, reuse
How are we currently treating our planet? It is almost impossible to comprehend the fact that the world produces 1.6 billion tonnes of food waste, of which 1.3 billion tonnes of food could be reus...
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25 enero 2022
Eating is an agricultural act
"Eating is an agricultural act." - a powerful Wendell Berry quote that changed the entire approach to food as we know it. Behind that statement lies an empowering revelation to anyone willing to op...
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18 enero 2022
The importance of the chef
The importance of the chef "For humanity, the two most universal languages are music and cuisine", said one of the world's most inventive and most creative chefs, Ferran Adrià.[1] With cuisine ...
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2 enero 2022
Food Waste in the Festive Period
The sounds of Christmas carols in the background, the laughter of your family and friends gathered around the table, warmth coming from the fireplace, mulled wine and the smell of the freshly baked...
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16 noviembre 2021
Food Waste and the Pandemics
Global food waste has been an inherent problem for decades. Since food waste and food loss severely affect the entire biosphere, they should be solved with immediate and all-encompassing strategies...
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9 noviembre 2021
Preventing Customer Plate Waste
Almost 30% of the food served in the foodservice businesses is wasted. If these businesses reduced the customer plate waste, they could save more than 30% of total day-to-day costs. (http://www.hcc...
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2 noviembre 2021
Good Practices in Preventing Food Waste
The Food Waste Reduction Alliance defined food waste as: "Any solid or liquid food substance, raw or cooked, which is discarded, or intended to be discarded. Food waste is the organic residue gener...
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19 octubre 2021
How Food Connects all the SDGs
17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) In 2015, all United Nations Member States ratified The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which outlines a more sustainable future for the entire plan...
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12 octubre 2021
Food Waste in the EU
The EU is becoming more and more active in promoting sustainability regarding food waste and global hunger. Only in the EU, 20% of all the food produced globally is wasted. The majority of this was...
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28 septiembre 2021
Food Waste In The Food Service Industry
While more than 800 million people starve in some parts of the world, food waste reaches its peak each year in the other, more developed parts. The number climaxed at a staggering 64 million tons o...
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21 septiembre 2021
Where to put food in the fridge?
Somehow, we rarely hear and talk about the proper ways of putting the food in the fridge. That is a shame because if we knew a thing or two about it, our pockets would be slightly thicker and our b...
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