This is the new application developed through the LIFE FOSTER project by the University of Gastronomic Sciences with the technical support of DGS for digital development.

What is the purpose of FOOD WASTE FLOW BALANCE?

This innovative tool allows restaurant owners and VET trainers to quantify the food waste that is generated from their work, both for catering activities and restaurants. Thanks to the application, it is possible to create a personalized profile for tracking the entire work process, including preparation, from the storage of raw materials to the execution of the recipe and the final dish. The app also allows you to see the economic value of the waste generated and monitors its trend over time.

This information is summarized in clear and accurate graphs, so it is easier to identify the critical loss and waste points, enabling you to intervene to prevent and reduce food waste by choosing the most appropriate solutions for improving operating procedures.


– Quantifying food waste and its value during all phases (receipt and storage of goods, food preparation, cooking and service);
– Classifying and quantifying food waste according to the category of the product;
– Measuring the proportions of edible and non-edible waste;
– Measuring energy and water consumption associated with the preparation;
– Comparing different menus/meals in terms of waste production;
– Measuring the recovery rate of the surplus product;
– Monitoring food waste trends over time.

In November 2020, 15 vocational training centers in the 4 countries involved in the LIFE FOSTER project started to use and experiment with the app in their workshops, involving trainers, tutors and students.

Why don’t you waste less by adopting circular economy strategies? All you need is a scale and the FOOD WASTE FLOW BALANCE App to measure and prevent food waste!
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