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I'm LIFE FOSTER project

Co-financed by the EU Commission LIFE Programme and led by the Italian network for VET, ENAIP NET, the LIFE FOSTER project aims at reducing waste in the restaurant industry.

The project focuses on these main fields: TRAINING AND EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND COMMUNICATION.

The interconnection between environmental, social and economic dynamics identifies training and education as key instruments to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN (SDG 2 Zero Hunger; SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production).

The project will be implemented in the following countries: France, Italy, Malta, Spain.

LIFE FOSTER consists entirely of direct and indirect actions aimed at raising awareness about the problem of food waste and optimal food storage.

Since various initiatives have already been undertaken in several EU countries to raise awareness among citizens, producers, canteen and supermarkets, the LIFE FOSTER project has chosen to target the restaurant industry. 

Life Foster will complement the other initiatives taken and will be able to fight and complete the missing chain link: downstream respect to producers and upstream respect to citizens.

Coordinating beneficiary: ENAIP NET
Total project budget: 1,676,566 Euro
EU financial contribution: 997,460 Euro


70 training VET centres involved
500 trainers to be trained
7.000 students to be trained
3.600 companies and 10.000 professionals involved
20 fair stands and 100.000 visitors involved
6 technical seminars and practical activities organization
1 meeting with the EU Platform on food losses and food waste
4 institutional national tables and 200 policy-makers involved
1 food waste reduction monitoring system
1 network with other EU projects on food waste

Policy makers