Food waste reduction is both a European and global priority

There is an urgent need to raise individuals’ awareness to reduce food waste
We propose commitments to become food waste prevention Ambassadors and have an active role in shaping a better future.

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    Maria Angeles Fernandez Zamudio
    Maria Angeles Fernandez Zamudio "I am committed to working to prevent and reduce food waste, and to raise awareness among those around me of the impact of food waste. I intend to promote scient...
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    MARTA TEMPLADO ISASA "From Turiart as a company in the tourism sector we are committed to informing tourists about responsible consumption in menus and orders for catering services."
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    Ana Molero Azara
    Ana Molero Azara "Me comprometo a Intentar poner por obra, desde mi campo de trabajo como nutricionista, todo lo que me ha enseñafo life foster y crear herramientas que ayuden a otros."
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    Patricia Martínez Carrasco
    Patricia Martínez Carrasco "'- Formar a los alumnos en la manipulación cuidadosa de los ingredientes y productos, desde la recepción hasta la preparación y el servicio de la elaboración. -Con...
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    Karen Pérez Pérez
    Karen Pérez Pérez "Sensibilizar a los futuros profesional en la gestión y reducción de residuos en hostelería y así formar a profesionales que pongan en practica el compromiso de no desperdiciar...
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    Paulino 	Schembri
    Paulino Schembri
    Paulino Schembri "My commitment is to teach to buy local To Calculate the portion ,to Buy fresh and Rework leftovers. Utilise the ingredients to the maximum yield "
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    Nisar 	Karim
    Nisar Karim
    Nisar Karim "Almost 40 percent of people globally are facing food shortage and we can reduce food waste by educating customers in Restaurants and other food outlets to eat according to the need ...
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    Josefa 	Spiteri
    Josefa Spiteri
    Josefa Spiteri "My commitment is to disseminate information and tips on food reworking through the Hospitality and Home Economics lessons. I intend to organize visits to local Gozitan restaurant...
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    Mary Rose	Briffa
    Mary Rose Briffa
    Mary Rose Briffa "Try to prepare the exact portions needed when cooking. If there is extra food, keep it for later when it is hygienically possible. Use stale food for other recipes, such as b...
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    Chantelle 	Gatt
    Chantelle Gatt
    Chantelle Gatt "My commitment to prevent and reduce food waste is a passion for me as we should treat everything and anything with respect, never abuse and always be greatful for what we have."
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