Food waste reduction is both a European and global priority

There is an urgent need to raise individuals’ awareness to reduce food waste
We propose commitments to become food waste prevention Ambassadors and have an active role in shaping a better future.

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    Teresa	Catelani
    Teresa Catelani
    Teresa Catelani "I love food like any creation of Nature and I try to contribute to its respect"
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    Michele	Agius
    Michele Agius
    Michele Agius "To safeguard the environment and limit unnecessary waste and raise more awareness."
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    Sebastian	Frank
    Sebastian Frank
    Sebastian Frank "That I want to leave the world and rebuild the world in a way, that also my kids and maybe grandkids can see this buitiful planten in a way as we see it now!"
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    Jesmond	Vella
    Jesmond Vella
    Jesmond Vella "Our commitment to preventing and reducing food waste is to conduct monthly waste audits and implementing different policies at our restaurants to reduce waste"
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    Ingrid Zerafa
    Ingrid Zerafa "As an organic food provider and retailer, we experience a lot of food, particularly fresh fruit & vegetables and dry products with Best Before dates, which would go to waste u...
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    Ilias	Gkogkakos
    Ilias Gkogkakos
    Ilias Gkogkakos "My commitment for the food waste is to design efficient menu with the use of the whole ingredient"
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    Theodora 	Kossyfa
    Theodora Kossyfa
    Theodora Kossyfa "The best way to reduce waste is by reusing items when can. Recycle well and most important stop using plastic bags for shopping ."
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    Konstantinos	Perdikaris
    Konstantinos Perdikaris
    Konstantinos Perdikaris "I will properly educate and train my students and colleges to realize understand and solve the FOOD WASTE problem."
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