The following are the target groups:


Students following a chef programme, in various training centres, including Italy, France, Spain and Malta, are important targets not only because they are tomorrow chefs, but also because they will pass down their knowledge in the restaurant industry.


LIFE FOSTER will train 527 trainers from the restaurant industry, coming from 73 different centres, about food waste reduction and food storage. This information will then be passed on to the students by the same trainers.

Back/Front of house restaurant staff

LIFE FOSTER aims at reducing waste in the restaurant industry and thus will target restaurants directly for this cause. Several chefs and restaurant owners have already signed a letter of support and agreed to help the LIFE FOSTER program in organising the students’ training and to participate and promote the project’s initiatives.
Furthermore, back and front of house staff are to be involved in the evaluation and monitoring of students traineeships at the end of the project. Several of them are also trainers of VET Centres and will be involved in the elaboration and testing of training didactical materials, handbook and innovative and stimulating educational techniques for students.

Policy Makers

In order to attain the aforementioned objective the LIFE FOSTER project plans to organise a set of roundtables in each partner country to share the policy guidelines developed and spread them amongst public authorities’ bodies. A set of 10 meetings are to be organised and ENAIP NET will be in charge of the strategic approach in line with the project’s goals and expected impact with a long-term view.  The 10 policy dialogue meetings will be spread as following: 3 in Italy, 3 in France, 3 in Spain and 1 in Malta. The target will be representatives of the national or regional governments or of large municipalities.

Other European Training Centres

Several VET centres across Europe will be involved in the project, both directly, with activities foreseen in the dissemination activities, and also indirectly, receiving information and materials about the project through the EU level umbrella associations.

LIFE FOSTER aims at increasing food waste awareness, most especially in the restaurant industry, and it is not directly targeting collective catering (company canteens, schools, hospitals), as well as private catering services.  The project will complement the other initiatives taken to raise awareness among citizens, producers, canteens and supermarkets.