Category: food waste

7 September 2021
Food waste and the environmental impact
The issue of food waste and its environmental impact has been a hot topic in the last few years. With the expansion of the food industry, the damages in the environment grow...
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17 August 2021
The Food Waste Iceberg
The food waste problem goes far beyond what it is shown to us. Just because we don't see the actual amount of discarded food and wasted energy doesn't mean it's not there....
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10 August 2021
Eating More Sustainably
Although the Internet is overflowing with different diets promoting and guaranteeing weight loss, some diets focus more on sustainable goals and less on being fit. That is not to...
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27 July 2021
Celebration of local and seasonal food
In the time of our grandparents, the word "organic" didn't even exist in the same context as food. There was no need for such a label because everything was natural and organic by...
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6 July 2021
The Impact of Food Design and Marketing
Food design and food marketing play a significant role in today´s fast-paced world. For this reason, experts of many fields collaborate to create products and eating spaces as...
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