👉 Thursday 29th April at 5.30 pm LIFE FOSTER will be streaming live at Terra Madre with a conference mixing research, VET training and professionals

Measuring food waste in the catering sector represents a fundamental starting point to take concrete actions for its prevention, reduction and management. Only by knowing what is thrown away, how big the loss is (not only in terms of weight, but also of economic and social impact) and what the different contributing factors are, can we understand where to intervene and which solutions might be adopted.
But how is it possible to quantify food waste in a restaurant considering what happens in the kitchen and in the dining room? What are the immediate benefits for catering businesses and VET centres?
The round table scheduled for 29th April will try to answer to these questions, starting from the experimentation of the new web application “Food Waste Flow Balance”, developed by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in the framework of the LIFE FOSTER project, as well as the project’s training activities to develop education and awareness in restaurants and VET centres.

Slow Food Europe will open the conference with the latest updates from the EU Platform on Food Loss and Waste. Then Slow Food Europe, ENAIP NET, UNISG and the Italian Federation of Chefs will participate in the discussion.

The digital conference, with free access and in Italian language, will be streamed live on the facebook page of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and on that of the LIFE FOSTER project.

Complete agenda of the conference HERE

The event is hosted by the worldwide Slow Food festival Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.