The LIFE FOSTER prevention model has been recognised as a valuable practice by the Joint Staff Training of ETTE project ( which gathers important European VET partners, like EVBB, EVTA, AFPA, LE FOREM, IME-GSEVEE, Cefochim, Technifutur and Endurance. The VET Centre of Excellence ENAIP Conegliano, in the heart of the Veneto Region, hosted the 3rd stage of the ETTE training circuit last 21st – 24th January 2020.

During this 3-days meeting, food has been always in the limelight and 38 trainers from 6 representative European VET institutions had the opportunity to experience LIFE FOSTER theoretical and technical workshops.

According to the programme, the LIFE FOSTER project and its waste reduction model have been firstly presented and later experienced through ad hoc “Food waste LAB training” together with chefs and students of the Vet Centre. At the end of the 3 days meeting, the trainers involved shown their appreciation for this sustainable practice which has already been adopted in the ENAIP VET Centres and could be easily transferred to food and restaurant enterprises.