On Tuesday 25th of February, the President of FIC, Rocco Pozzulo, has exposed the European Project LIFE FOSTER, of which FIC is partner, during the seminar called ‘Mediterranean Diet means Sustainable Development’. Preventing and reducing food waste is a key action in the gastronomic sector: It concerns both the quality of the dishes cooked and also the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the world we inhabit. FIC is itself committed in the first person in this respect and carries out an important role within LIFE FOSTER project, this thanks to the involvement of chefs both in the training and in the experimentation of the innovative aspects of the project.


Quality and Goodness for Sustainability
Plated Dessert against food waste Bread soup, milk and coffee 2.0. Have you tried it out yet?

This is the recipe presented by the chef Alessandro Laudadio on Wednesday as part of the Showcooking Ideas for the Dessert al Piatto with reduced food waste which took place at Expocook in Palermo. It consists in a special recipe which the chef has elaborated by combining innovation and sustainability in a creative way. The initiative fits with the activities promoted by FIC and with the European Project LIFE FOSTER against food waste in the restaurant industry.