Ingrid Zerafa

“As an organic food provider and retailer, we experience a lot of food, particularly fresh fruit & vegetables and dry products with Best Before dates, which would go to waste unless planned properly – from sourcing, to storing and ultimately being creative and resourceful enough to leave nothing to go to waste. Or almost. This is how the idea of establishing an organic bistro came about. To close the circuit from growing food to ensuring it is maximized leaving nothing to chance to go to waste. This is the challenge of the future, to address food shortages among the disadvantaged, and to tackle the obesity pandemic which is the result of a consumerism engineered to benefit economies of scale and multinationals at the expense of small communities which can never match the game. A level playing field can only be achieved through raising awareness among consumers of how little they actually need to live healthily and sustainably, at a lower cost and better quality. The discrepancy, the gap, in the equation is waste. And the money it costs to tackle its consequences.