LIFE FOSTER presented to EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

On 18th March, 2019, Carlotta Rovesti from ENAIP NET and Gabriel Cassar from the Malta Business Bureau attended a meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, to introduce the LIFE FOSTER project. They were invited to the meeting by HOTREC, an EU-level umbrella association for hotels and food service establishments, of which the MBB is a member.


The EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste was established by the European Commission following its 2015 Circular Economy Action Plan. Its main aim is to help support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development target 12.3: a 50% reduction in per capita food waste. The platform consists of European Commission and member state representatives or experts, as well as relevant stakeholders. During this meeting, Carlotta and Gabriel delivered a joint-presentation on LIFE FOSTER.


Gabriel started off by discussing the strategic vision of the project, highlighting the importance of tackling the hospitality sector if we are to achieve meaningful reductions in food waste levels. He also emphasized the multiple benefits which will arise out of the project, both in terms of environmental impact and economic benefits for businesses in hospitality. Carlotta proceeded to introduce LIFE FOSTER in greater detail, outlining what the project plans to achieve in the next three years. Carlotta pointed out that education will be driving force behind the project, as the partners believe that behavior can be changed for the better through the appropriate training. She went on to explain how the project will not only target students, but also professionals already working in the hospitality sector.

The project foresees regular contact with the EU Platform during the next three years.