Climate Change and the global ecological footprint, are very present topics and of great importance for the European Commission. Thus, through the Life programme co-financed by the European Commission, several European organisations present their proposals with very varied projects with the aim of combating this issue.

Actualidad Docente, a magazine related the Spanish education sector, published an article about Life Foster, a project that aims to reduce food waste through education and training.

The article highlights the training delivered in Conegliano (Italy) where chefs and teachers from 4 European countries – Italy, France, Malta and Spain – were trained on how to minimise food waste in restaurants and food industries.

Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (CECE), representative of Spain within the project consortium, participated with hostelry training centres from Bilbao, Madrid and Malaga. At national level, there are some very ambitious objectives to tackle food waste. Starting from the vocational educational sector where teachers will adapt the content received in Conegliano with the aim of implementing new measures against food waste. In the short term, the aim is to implement within the schools themselves and restaurants these new educational measures, and in long term to make students and future professionals see, as a logistics without waste can be efficient, practical, towards a better world.

Love Food, Reduce Waste is the motto of the Foster project, which tells us that loving food and doing business with it is not incompatible, as long as we start from an awareness and training that allows us to optimize the resources used in the kitchen and responsible consumption.