The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) hosted a number of excellent presentations, workshops, and tastings during the four days of Slow Fish in Genova, including a session on rethinking food waste.


UNISG is one of the institutions participating in LIFE FOSTER, a project co-financed by the EU Commission LIFE Programme and led by ENAIP NET, the Italian network for vocational and educational training. Life Foster seeks to raise awareness about food waste among food professionals and policy makers, and to train students, trainers, and restaurant professionals in adopting sustainable practices.

Franco Fassio and Nadia Tecco are the researchers heading up UNISG’s involvement in the project, and the university is working to introduce the theme of food waste and skills to confront this issue into its didactic model. The food services sector is responsible for 12% of the food waste generated in Europe; as chefs are a key link between farm and fork, helping them to engage in more sustainable practices is crucial.

The LIFE FOSTER project seeks to bring about a systemic change by focusing on preventing food waste—in other words, it is concerned with rethinking, reducing, and reusing in order to decrease the amount of food and related material (such as packaging) that needs to be recycled or, worst of all, disposed of entirely.

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