4 February 2020
Food Waste = Water Waste
Along with the various unfavorable factors food waste brings with it, the loss of food also means loss of water. According to the World Resources Institute, inside the 1....
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28 June 2019
Actualidad Docente, a magazine related the Spanish education sector, published an article about Life Foster, a project that aims to reduce food waste through education an...
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14 June 2019
Talking about LIFE FOSTER
The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) hosted a number of excellent presentations, workshops, and tastings during the four days of Slow Fish in Genova, including ...
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24 April 2019
Stop Food Waste
The 24th of April is dedicated to Stopping Food Waste. This International Day aims at fighting against the growing food waste problem.Roughly one-third of the food produc...
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11 November 2018
EU Actions Against Food Waste
The European Commission is taking the issue of tackling food waste very seriously. Reducing food waste has enormous potential for reducing the resources we use to produce...
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