7 September 2021
Food waste and the environmental impact
The issue of food waste and its environmental impact has been a hot topic in the last few years. With the expansion of the food industry, the damages in the environment grow irreversibly. To pro...
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31 August 2021
Why People Leave Their Food On The Plate?
The question has been present for decades - is it more polite to eat every little crumble on your plate or leave few bites? The answer substantially depends on the customs and traditions of each co...
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17 August 2021
The Food Waste Iceberg
The food waste problem goes far beyond what it is shown to us. Just because we don't see the actual amount of discarded food and wasted energy doesn't mean it's not there. However, that what you do...
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10 August 2021
Eating More Sustainably
Although the Internet is overflowing with different diets promoting and guaranteeing weight loss, some diets focus more on sustainable goals and less on being fit. That is not to say that having a ...
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27 July 2021
Celebration of local and seasonal food
In the time of our grandparents, the word "organic" didn't even exist in the same context as food. There was no need for such a label because everything was natural and organic by itself. They didn...
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20 July 2021
Education on food safety and healthy diets
Education is a powerful tool that can change and save many people's lives. Its impact is so strong that it can open horizons, expand our minds and even prevent us from doing harmful things that cou...
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13 July 2021
Consumerism, excess food and waste of food
Our buying and eating habits have shifted significantly over the last couple of decades. One of the critical reasons for this change is the advertising and media industry that greatly increased our...
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6 July 2021
The Impact of Food Design and Marketing
Food design and food marketing play a significant role in today´s fast-paced world. For this reason, experts of many fields collaborate to create products and eating spaces as appealing as possible...
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2 July 2021
Raising Awareness on Food Waste
Food waste has a significant impact on the environment, and raising awareness on food waste throughout the food chain is the key to reduce such losses. Our food goes through a long journey from far...
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16 June 2021
Composting for Beginners
Compost is a process of decomposing organic matter. Through composting, we get fertile and high-quality soil used for gardens to improve the plants' growth and health. Not only do we get healthier ...
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2 June 2021
Reducing food waste at home
Undoubtedly, we produce enough food to feed the entire world, and yet, so many people worldwide are severly malnourished and deprived. Although solving this issue requires effective political an...
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25 May 2021
Sustainable development in food waste
In 2015, United Nations presented 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a period of 15 years. These goals are set as a direction for a more sustainable future on a global scale. When consideri...
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25 January 2021
Insight: the Cost of Food Waste in Europe
The world is throwing away a massive amount of food, and the situation in Europe is no different. This introduces many concerns at different levels, such as the ethical concern of throwing away foo...
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