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20 January 2022
Stefania "I am a chef. In the restaurants where I work I am trying to avoid waste. Now it is difficult but something is changing. At home it is easier and I do it a lot more."
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25 January 2022
Eating is an agricultural act
"Eating is an agricultural act." - a powerful Wendell Berry quote that changed the entire approach to food as we know it. Behind that statement lies an empowering revelation to anyone willing to op...
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27 January 2022
Marvic Refalo
Marvic Refalo "As an educator I consider it important to practice what I preach mainly sustainable living including responsible food consumption, encouraging growing once own food, buying local, a...
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1 February 2022
Rethink, reduce, reuse
How are we currently treating our planet? It is almost impossible to comprehend the fact that the world produces 1.6 billion tonnes of food waste, of which 1.3 billion tonnes of food could be reus...
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11 February 2022
Marcella Ercoli
Marcella Ercoli "One of my favorite subject is teaching my food and beverage students to be aware of their role in environmental sustainability"
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11 February 2022
Giorgio Orizio
Giorgio Orizio "Consulenza e formazione per aziende e privati Acquisto consapevole Riduzione sprechi alimentari"
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LIFE FOSTER consists entirely of direct and indirect actions aimed at raising awareness about the problem of food waste and optimal food storage.